Camilla Krueger Designs

Krueger is a felter and makes one of a kind hats, fantastic vests and scarves.

CKrueger red felted hatShe was introduced to felting about five years ago at the Lillstreet Art Center and was immediately hooked.  She started working at home on her kitchen butcher block counter making flat pieces and eventually learned how to make hats and bags. She graduated to Nuno Felting—a technique where you coax wool fibers through other fabrics such as silk, rayon and cotton to create a unique textile.  An inspiring workshop in Tuscany with Mai Hvistendahl (a Norwegian felter) gave her a beginning in creating clothing from Nuno felt.

She continues to explore the ancient art of felting and takes at least one felting workshop a year to study with felting icons all over the world.

Besides being an accomplished felter, Krueger has raised two daughters (her daughter Frances is also at Out of the Box), worked as a musician and also spent 7 years in southwest China (Sichuan) teaching English.  We love the homemade hummus she makes for us each year!  Visit her website for more info.


About boxartists

A 'pop-up' holiday boutique run by artists, since 2002.
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