Classic Functional Pottery meets Chinese Brush Painting

Putnam Design

John Putnam is an Oak Park resident and a long time participant at Out of the Box Art Market.

Putnam Design

Putnam Design

Putnam loves classic functional pottery for its shape and form, the kind of shapes that find their way into museums — simple but highly valued. He likes the idea that he can create something that will be used daily and enhance someone’s life and may even last 1000 of years.

Putnam says, “I create functional and decorative pottery. For me the shape is most important with glaze, texture and brush painting secondary to the shape. I have studied classical Chinese Brush Painting for almost 40 years from Monica Liu and that work finds a canvas on some of my pottery. I feel that the piece has to speak for its self and they will find a home with one that listens to that voice. My work is simple but not plain, with possibly an oriental feel. “

Putnam has the distinction of being the only Out of the Box Artist sporting mutton chops!


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